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the different stages of love?

Is someone able to tell me why I'm a psychology major again? =.= Because I like messing with people's minds is not a good answer, thank you.

A-And I want to drop the Oriental Flower Arrangement class. For the third time. Seriously, wtf self. I've never attended even a single class, but four hours stuck in there is enough to scare me, but safjkldasdfkjl, I want to learn.

On better news, we're going to a restaurant all the way in Oakland... for sushi~ and stuff. Mostly sushi. There are cute bento boxes there. o/

the perfect sky is torn

I'm putting most of this entry under a cut because lol, it's just me whining so...

B-Btw, happy early birthday to you, Ri-chan~ I-It's tomorrow and I'm worried I might not be able to wish you it then so um... yes. Happy birthday! We still haven't gone shopping you know... How are we supposed to scare people in the streets with our fangirling if we don't go? Seriously.

here's to all the good times and the bad

I hate you, Ceci. Okay, maybe I don't, but STILL.

I'm still not your bitchCollapse )

On happier news, I finally finished my brush set \o/ I say "finally" even though I started today because uh... I actually finished something without procrastinating? Just need to make the image pack and the header thing. Which might actually not be as fun as creating the brushes itself |D; Well, whatever.

A-And if anyone wants to see what the brushes look like since it might be a while before I actually post it, it's over here. No, I don't know what it would be used for.I just like it because it's nice and pretty. |3;;; I'll make something more useful next time. Like masks or something. Although those are a bit... blah to make. To me anyways. 

One day the world will stop turning

D-Damn you, Dani. How could I resist?

List ten characters from any fandom and then answer the questions about them.

1. Kinomoto Sakura (Cardcaptor Sakura)
2. Subaru (Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE)
3. Wolfrom von Bielefeld (Kyou Kara Maou)
4. Riku (Kingdom Hearts)
5. Shirou Kamui (X)
6. Sakurazuka Seishirou (Tokyo Babylon)
7. Ichihara Yuuko (xxxHOLiC)
8. Hitachiin Kaoru (Ouran Koukou Host Club)
9. Sakagami Tomoyo (CLANNAD)
10. Mokona (Magic Knight Rayearth)


it's always the shy ones?

Just. No. Seriously.Collapse )

Damn it guys! If Subaru and sex kitten becomes synonymous in my mind, it's all your fault. And damn you, Angel for being afk and not defending my Subaru's innocence ;o;

And the world burns

Ugh... I'm so tired.

Chris forced me to watch Batman and Hancock with her today. And we had to leave by 11:30 ;o; How cruel it was to make me get up at that time...

Anyways, both movies were okay. The twist in Hancock was... well, it was... interesting for lack of a better word. And Batman was long... Every time I thought it was going to end, it didn't Which annoyed me and killed my back. A-Although I will admit reluctantly that it was okay. I reaaaaallly liked his voice. Chris thought it was scary. And I did NOT see any swooning from her whenever he err... "swooped."

Although I did see Alan and Ringo there. Alan is working there during the summer and Ringo was also watching Batman. I could've done without seeing people I know. Not that I don't like them, but l-lol... awkward. >.>;;


"the thing about love is"


Ceci picked up TRC!Kamui over at Runeria! ;o;bbb

She's already the Ryou to my Kyou and the Hikaru to my Kaoru so I shouldn't be so surprised, but yay!

And I'm really glad that Tomoyo-hime's festival over at Kiseki is doing so well. Over 1000 comments. I wasn't expecting that much to be honest, but yay~! I'm happy for that too! Now if only I have time to actually participate. OTL Why must I be busy now? Blah.


"I'm through with love"


- Hagane no Kokoro, Paku Romi, Kugimiya Rie, Toyoguchi Megumi (Hagane no Renkinjutsushi)

So got home around 11 last night and even this morning, I was still tired. God, hanging out with you guys always drain me completely and utterly. I don't even know whether I'm looking forward to going with you guys to the amusement park anymore. Although I do want to visit the butterfly-themed shoppe that's there. But... I think you guys all heard me squeal about it last night. |D;;;

So a slight run-down of last night:

  • Ri-chan (alwyz_member_me) brought me the Tokyo Babylon artbook and a Syaoran x Sakura pencil board earlier that afternoon. Damn, it's so beautiful. ;o;bbbb

  • Went to the meeting place in front of Old Navy at 5:30 as planned. Chris (thisislee) didn't arrive until 6. However, I suppose that wasn't very surprising considering she's always late. Met Ada (tigerskyz) down at the metro and took it one stop down to the Civic Center. I'm... never going to ride that thing again if I can help it. I'm surprised I actually made it in; it was so crowded!

  • Met Amy in front of Moonstar and we got a table. Chris ordered Coke... We had a lovely time keeping it away from her. Tori (silentsiren11) arrived a couple minutes later since she took the BART from Berkeley just to meet up with us. We feel so loved. ♥ Kat and Melissa couldn't make it because one had work and the other ate at her Staff Appreciation meeting... >__>;;

  • We had a very--and I'm quoting Tori--"enlightening dinner." We talked about everything. From preservatives to what we're doing this summer to Chris' health. I... missed this, I think.

  • The food was pretty good, but I think the dessert was delightful. Chocolate-covered marshmallows were good and there was this little chocolate cake with whip cream and chocolate sauce drizzled over it and um... tiny marshmallows. |DDD;;;
  • We had a terrible time figuring out how much to pay. We weren't short. We were over because of Chris putting 2 twenties in so we spent a while trying to figure out how much to give back to her. I bet the waitress that was serving us was wondering whether we had enough or not considering we were counting the money over and over again at our table. I think the bill was $130 something? Well, whatever. We were quite a bit over if I remember correctly.

  • We all read our cute little fortune cookies. I still remember Tori's, I believe. "Customer service is like taking a bath. You have to keep doing it." Lol, just wtf? And since, on fortune cookies, we have to add "in bed" at the end of each one, Tori believes it's calling her a whore. |DDD;;; I forgot what everyone else had, but I think it was implying that Chris was more knowledgeable in bed then Tori. Pfft.

  • We huddled at the bus stop for a couple minutes (Chris and Amy did not join in our huddling) because it was absolutely freezing. Took the bus down to downtown and went into the mall where I dove into Bath and Body Works to look for the new cherry blossom scent that I don't have yet. Next we went to Borders where Ada and Amy went into the manga section, Chris and Tori wandered into anywhere but the manga section. Ri-chan and I went on a search for them and got a headache from it. Also, I was really tempted to buy the X book actually, but it was slightly bent so I didn't.

  • Walked Amy down to the metro station where she crossed the gates without telling us! So we had to hug her over the fence (?) wall (?) thing. Well, the rest of us hugged her. Chris... did a prison scene where she pretended there was glass between them--"Can you hear me?"--and got dragged off by Ri-chan.

  • Walked our way over to Chinatown. Took double the time because someone wanted to go over the tunnel instead of through it. Because Melissa ditched us, we called her up, and then we took stalkerish pictures of us outside her house. It was all Tori's idea. There's even this one picture where we're all pointing up at her window. |D With friends like us, who needs enemies? Chris also threatened to bomb Melissa's house for reasons that I don't remember. And it's Ada's fault somehow... Somehow...

  • Ri-chan called up Jimmy. I'm still not sure what for, but she did. And I promised him my undying love if he gets us in to the Aquarium of the Bay. |3;;; It'll probably be fun. Hopefully.

Obviously there are things I've missed, but this is plenty long already for a short run-down of it. I think it'll be fun to do it again sometime, but I do wish I'm not so dead tired every time I spend time with you guys outside of the classroom. And we weren't even doing much!

Oh, also, do tell how the whole crashing at Ri-chan's place went for you, Tori? I'm quite interested in whether she kicked you or not. :D

I finally get to play Bluebird's Illusion! ♥♥♥ Pride!Ed. ;o;bbb

And lastly, I watched "Some Like It Hot" today. It was funny and cute and I really adore the title. I want to use it for a fic or something, but I don't want to use the plot. |3;;;

"Now that it's all said and done"

Well, I never saw it coming.
I should've started running
A long, long time ago.

- Over You, Chris Daughtry

The beginning half of this sound really reminds me of Seishirou and Subaru. I seem to associate many of my songs to them. It's not the full song, but the first part is so Tokyo Babylon it makes me want to cry.

Also... I think I really ship it now. I know, I know, wtf. (I'm not talking about Seishirou x Subaru, btw |DDD I'll always love them). But god, I hate you Thorns. You liar. If it weren't for you and your love of corrupting my lovely ships I would have nice, pure ships... sort of. You just help me screw them up more. DDDX You said it was Seishirou x Subaru, damn it! Why did you liiiieeee to me?!

*sulky Seraph is sulky* To those who know what pairing I'm talking about, DON'T SAY IT. Maybe if I ignore it, it'll go away? |DDD;;

Going out to beat Chris at tennis now. Pfft, does she seriously think she has a chance against me? Oh, that poor, delusional girl... ♥
隣で夢中に話す横顔は 輝いていたよね

- Starry Heavens, day after tomorrow (Tales of Symphonia)

So I'm starting to play this game again because I didn't perfect the first one and everyone knows that I'm a terrible perfectionist. And if you didn't know, you know now. But that's not what I wanted to talk about. The thing is, I suddenly remembered my love for their opening song and so I went to my computer and put it on repeat. And another realization dawned on me! This song is... very fitting for the vampy twins. Which obviously made me love it more. Not sure whose point of view I'm imagining it in though. Both maybe? I think it could work with both.

And here's a tidbit of my life that will possibly make Tori giddy. So I'm putting it under a cut. Not that that will stop her from reading it and laughing, but it's worth a try.