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Seishirou and Subaru ♥

Tears fall, vanish into the night
If I'm a sinner...
Chivalry, show me the way to go

- Over Night, Aya (Le Chevalier D'Eon)

Eeeeee! Seishirou and Subaru cover! I'm so damn happy ;o;b 


I don't even care how they throw them together as long as they give Subaru one happy ending. Unless CLAMP really are that sadistic and has decided no versions of Subaru deserves a happy ending ever...

Well, whatever, I can't wait until they meet again. Maybe there will be more panels of Subaru smiling... *wants* I just want the poor beautiful boy to be happy~ 

Also, the caption is love and I can't stop smiling over it: "They know the time to meet a second time is not far away"

P.S. Because it's such a little thing to make a whole new post about, I just found out my cousin's middle name is Mariko. It's because she's also graduating this year (Yay~ You're almost done, Ana :D) and lol, I saw the invitation she sent us. Why does Alexandria have such a pretty name?

when everything aches


- BABY DON'T CRY, Amuro Namie

I love how this weekend I had close to no time for myself. A big party on Saturday and a forced shopping trip today. I'm beat.

Speaking of the party, I was very disappointed in the wine they served. 2007 La Boca Merlot. Just... I say it could've been better is all. But besides that, I would give my compliments to the chef. The food was quite superb and my brother and I both enjoyed it immensely.

And I don't know how, but my brother coerced me into playing games with him in the living room at night. When surely I could've benefited more from sleep. But convince me he did and we both fell asleep on the couch with the both of us waking up around six and promptly retired to our beds.

Now the point of that was, I gave absolutely no thought to the fact that I had martial arts today and being half-asleep while practicing with a sword just isn't the smartest thing. I didn't even get any chance to rest after that. Upon arriving back home and and managing in a few comments for RP, I was dragged off to go shopping. That was around 12 and I return now at 11. Just... kill me now. I'm pondering whether I should reply to some of the comments now or wait until tomorrow. Eh, I'll see how far I get before falling asleep.

beauty and pain go hand in hand

I'll be your best friend and you'll be mine
Yes you can hold my hand if you want to
Cause I want to hold yours too
We'll be playmates and lovers and share our secret worlds

- Big Girls Don't Cry, Fergie

I hate parties. Big parties. With hundreds of guests. It annoys me. And yet, I'm about to partake in one within a couple hours.

Seriously, I don't see the big deal with these things. You dress up and look nice and pretend to be interested in petty, whimsical conversation and ditch whoever you were having a conversation with if the moment arises. And the less I have to deal with people the better. Such gatherings requires something akin to a stupid repellent.

I do like my clothes though. I suppose that is going to be the highlight of my evening if nothing else.

And I still have an urge to pick up someone from CLAMP学園探偵団 or 学園特警デュカリオン. Seriously, wtf self?

And also, for reasons unexplainable, this song reminds me of TB!Subaru. There is something really wrong with the way my mind works. But every time I listen to it (and this song woke me up on the radio today), Subaru comes to mind. Just... I make no sense.

And it's back!


- Solid Gold, Masahiro Takashima (Tokyo Babylon)

Well, IJ is back. EXCEPT I CAN'T LOG ON!

What's the point of it being back if trying to log on gets me to a 404 page? I suppose I shouldn't be so harsh since they're probably doing their best trying to fix it, but it's still so frustrating. It said that if we were to run into a 404 page, we should hold down "shift" and reload the page. Didn't work for me so I suppose I have to wait until it's back for real. They said that nothing is loss, but I have to see before I can actually believe it.

And I still haven't worked on a new layout yet. Ah, I'm so lazy~

EDIT: Because of course it starts working for me after I make a post about it. Stupid thing.

because chris ordered it of me

Yes, it's late. No, I don't care. I'm writing this because Chris wanted me to. So here's my bullet point list on the ups and downs of the Chinese New Year parade.

  • Got there at 3 after getting a bite to eat at Burger King. Actually my brother was the one that ate. I merely observed.
  • Stood around for an hour or so. Maybe more watching people put plastic wrap over the lion heads so they wouldn't get soaked in the rain. I thought it looked sort of weird, but since those things are expensive, it's understandable.
  • Got changed into the martial arts outfit. Refused to wear a poncho because pfft, like I'm afraid of a little rain.
  • When it was time to go, we marched out bravely into the rain and I realized, maybe a little too late, that it was pouring. And I was getting drenched. And I had to perform in front of hundreds of people in the rain drenched.
  • We stopped and waited for out other group to come out. Thankfully, someone came by and offered us ponchos again. I eagerly took one and even forced one on my brother. It didn't do much for my hair since the wind kept on blowing it back, but at least it saved my clothes.
  • Waited around some more.
  • My brother and I was asked to unravel some banners. Then they realized that they didn't need the banners and they took them back.
  • Marched down to Market St. and waited around again. Yes, most of the time I spent waiting.
  • My brother and I was asked to carry big heavy taller-than-everyone flags. I got a sickening feeling of deja vu, but didn't refuse because what was I suppose to say? "Um. No. I have a thing against banners and flags and being carried off by the wind, thank you."
  • Stood in line with the other flag carriers and wanted to flail or run. Both of which were impossible because to flail means to drop the banner and to run means to carry the damn heavy thing and run with it. I couldn't even walk properly with it much less run!
  • Was told to give everyone enough space so we can do figure 8's without hitting people. A long line of WTF and curses in every language I know streamed through my head because what do I know about doing figure 8's with flags when I can't even carry it properly much less swing it around!
  • Was saved by people who were late to the party and went back to the safety of performing the martial art sets.
  • Things went by pretty normally by then. Except for the rain (it was pretty light then) and the poncho getting my way and the stupid crowd who came out to watch the parade in the rain when they could've watched it on TV like normal people.
  • Rolled eyes at the sky for being indecisive. It was raining one minute and then it stopped and pretty much started storming near the end.
  • Did not stay for the after-party and went home.
There. That's pretty much what happened. All the highlights and lowlights of the parade through my eyes.

I will not say anything besides this about the dreaded parade tomorrow. I want to start off with a good entry. SO LET'S BEGIN!

It's so empty Dx The layout is pink though and I think it's name was something like "Playful Cherry Blossoms" xDD So until I find the time to make my own layout, this will have to do. Sigh. I heard it's going to pour tomorrow.

By the way, I have a--wait for it--TAMAKI MOOD THEME~ ♥ It is made of win and love and awesomeness. Just like Tamaki is made for mood themes. Which reminds me that I want to make a Sakura mood theme, but then I'll have to go through the grueling task of either looking for screencaps or--and I'm really dreading it won't have to come to this--making screencaps myself. B-But... I want a Sakura mood theme DDDD: Not that I don't have plenty Wheee! Roy Mustang ♥ B-But Sakura-chan...

I hate first entries. I always feel the need to make them grand and dazzling. Blah. 

OMG! Noooooo! It's going to storm tomorrow and I'll have to attend the stupid parade and perform martial arts for stupid people who'll actually go out into the freaking storm to watch! And... And... And... I'm so distressed I can't even think about what else I was going to complain about Dx But they said it'll rain today and it didn't so maybe it won't rain tomorrow too?